Privacy Policy

Since 25.05.2018, new Regulation (EU) 2016/679, on the protection of personal data, has been implemented, aiming at strengthening this protection in all EU Member States.

Technological progress and globalization have resulted in new challenges with regard to the protection of personal data. Personal data is a part of individuals’ everyday life, as they contribute to it or because they are necessary for the commercial and operational activity of companies, as well as of the economy as a whole. However, the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data is a fundamental right for every individual and must therefore have full control and access to them.

Α. About Us

The protection of personal data is a basic principle in our company and a factor of trust for our employees, customers and suppliers.

Alinda-Velco S.A. was established in 1989, developing productive and commercial activities, among others in cooperation with large multinational companies in the Greek market and internationally, mainly in the industry of raw materials for the food industry, as well as chemical and cleaning products. Our company, respecting the new Regulation and your personal data, is immediately implementing it. In this context, we shall inform you of the key points of the relevant legislation in order to continue our cooperation.

The following applies to our activities in each country, for any activity that includes information about individuals we conduct in each of our department and sector (including any successors), including, but not limited to, research, production, commercial activities, corporate support and data transfers that are necessary to carry out the above activities.

Our company, respecting the new Regulation and your personal data, is immediately implementing it. In this context, we shall inform you of the key points of the relevant legislation in order to continue our cooperation.

B. Data Collection 

As part of our collaboration, we collect and process personal data in order to better organize our relations, service and information. Typical examples of Information - Data that we may collect are the following: name, surname, father's name, job, gender, VAT number, identity card number, date and place of birth, e-mail, telephone, etc.

In any case, we collect data only with your consent. Additionally, we do not transfer and transmit them to third parties without your prior permission. However, it is quite possible that we transfer them to third parties or bodies in order to avoid any malfunctions during carrying out the cooperation between us.

C. Use of Data

Your personal data are collected and used for specific and specifically stated purposes only. Particularly:

1. If it is necessary to prepare and perform a contract to which you are a party.

2. If we have a legitimate interest in doing so.

3. In order to be informed about our new plans and actions.

D. Data Retention Policy

We retain your personal information for as long as it is necessary to meet and fulfill the above-mentioned purposes.

As a matter of principle, these elements will be retained throughout the duration and until termination of our contract / co-operation and for the period required by law for tax purposes. After that, we delete them. We will exceptionally continue to process personal data after this termination. In particular:

1. For statistical purposes.

2. Information necessary to meet our statutory obligations.

3. Data necessary for the exercise of our legal claims.

Ε. Cookies Policy

For the unimpeded operation of our websites and in order to ensure the best experience for visitors, we use minor cookies that are used by browsers and allow us to track the user's preferences.

In our sites we use the following four different types of cookies:

Functionality Cookies: They allow basic site functions to run. These cookies do not collect information about visitors that could be used for marketing purposes or to memorize webpages they have browsed on the internet.

Advertising Cookies: These cookies are required to show ads related to the user's preferences.

Statistical Cookies: They measure website traffic as well as they help web site administrators improve site content. These cookies do not collect information that could identify the visitor's identity.

Cookies of Preferences: Cookies that help to display personalized content to the user.

The user may, whenever he/she wants to modify browser settings and manage the functionality of cookies (oppose cookies, delete cookies, etc.).

F. Your Rights

Under the new Regulation, extended rights are granted for and established as far as your personal data are concerned.

1. Right of access: You have the potential to get informed about the collection and processing of your personal data by our company, as well as the right to receive a copy thereof.

2. Right of Correction: You have the right to update and correct potential mistakes about your personal data.

3. Deletion Right: You can request the removal of your data from our company. Exceptionally, we may deny deletion in accordance with applicable law.

4. Right to limit processing: You have the right to request a limitation in your personal data processing by our company.

5. Right to portability: You have the right to receive, in a structured, widely used and mechanically readable form, your personal data you have provided to us.

6. Right of objection: You have the right to oppose the processing of your data for specific purposes, e.g. commercial, advertising, and statistical.

For any information regarding our company's privacy policy and for the exercise of the above-mentioned rights, you may contact our Personal Data Protection Officer, Mr. Apostolos Vlachos, through an online form at our company websites,, or through emailing at  or by calling at +30 215 50 50 115.

In any case, if you believe that your data are being collected and processed in violation of applicable law, you may file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.