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Private Label

Alinda offers the option, besides our branded products, for customization of packaging according to different needs. Our experience has shown us that private label products contribute to our customer's brand sustainability, throughout time. 

Why Private Label ?


Private labeling allows retailers to offer something distinct to their customers. It is an excellent way to separate yourself from your competitors. With private branding, you can create your image and have your own marketing identity. Such thing can promote stronger customer recognition and loyalty. Aside from that, if you can market your brand well and create a demand for it, you will benefit from your client’s only source.

Brand Loyalty

A loyal customer base is a major factor to make a business successful. And private label branding is a way to build customer loyalty from people who like your business’ products. By offering high-quality products with limited accessibility to a large customer base can help a retailer gain loyalty from their core customers. It gives those customers an attachment to your brand and gives them the feeling that they are among the selected few who own it.

Higher Margins

Private labeling allows mоrе control оvеr pricing strategies. There іѕ аlѕо mоrе freedom fоr customers tо create their оwn marketing plans аnd tо control their оwn deliveries and inventory іn stock. With higher margins possible, there іѕ a greater opportunity fоr profit. Private branding allows our customers tо create a personalized аnd unique image, which promotes stronger consumer loyalty while keep production costs down.

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