The jelly you will love!

Jelly Mix Powder

                      A delicious way to accompany your taste

                      The perfect sweet for every occasion.

                      Now with lip smashing flavors!

                      - 100% pure beef gelatine
                      - Also available sugar-free

                      Odoo • Text and Image
                      Odoo • Image and Text

                      Easy to prepare

                      Just dillute the content of the pouch in a bowl with hot water, then stir it until completely disolved and then place the bown in the fridge.


                      Sugar, gelatin (beef), acidity regulators, colourings, flavourings

                      May contain traces of cereals containing gluten.

                      Also available in gelatin-free version.


                      • 200gr

                      • 10kg

                      • 25kg 

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