Skim milk powder

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Just Milk!

Skimmed milk powder is used as an alternative to fresh milk after dissolution in water or by direct addition of the powder in the formulation.

 Available product types:

  • Regular

  • Instantised

  • Fortified

Regular supply and quality

SMP is obtained by the process of dehydration of pasteurized skimmed milk with the use of the spay-dried process.

Alinda can provide varialble protein content SMP ranging from 15% - 34%

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White to yellowish colour, free flowing powder, typical milky taste and smell without foreign odour.


Dairy foods, UHT milk, cultured yoghurts, desserts, recombined sweetened and evaporated milk, dry mixes, bakery, confectionery, meat products.

Good nutritional value, soluble ingredient, emulsifying capacity, smooth mouthfeel, natural milky taste and odour.


Protein (as is %)
 15 - 20 - 34
≤ 1,25
Moisture (%)
≤ 4,0
Insolubility (ml)
≤ 0,5
Lactose (%)
Purity (disc)
A, A/B

Product must be stored in a cool, dry place, at temperature below 25°C and relative humidity below 65%, product has a 2 years shelf life in the original packaging.

Packaging options  

Our facilities incorporate state of the art technology that brings efficiency and flexibility in delivering the right product for your market.

Available packages:

  • 200gr. (pouch)

  • 400gr. (pouch)

  • 800gr. (pouch)

  • 1kg  (pouch)

  • 10kg  (4-layer kraft bag with PE inner bag)

  • 25kg (4-layer kraft bag with PE inner bag)

Tailor-made solution    

With a view to constant product development, Alinda invests in research and development with ultimate goal to offer product solutions that perfectly meet our customers' expectations. Our pilont plant along with our R&D team is ready to follow your needs and propose the right solution for your market.

Private Label

Our company has successfully transferred its know-how to the field of Private Label. We always design based on customer requirements dairy products that meet the modern needs of the consumer public. We maintain high quality standards in private label products which allow our customer to create his own profile in the PL product category.

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